Newfie75, good post, but I'm not sure how true bashers can use tactical bashing to get cheap shares here, otherwise I think you make a lot of sense.


I would add that aside from the real bashers and pumpers for that matter, who mainly use character attacks on posters and management, I believe that there are many longs who have finally realized that maybe current management is not the one which will unlock BGM's underlying value, if there is any, or one that is putting shareholders first. That is how I feel at present.


dkolish seems to think that by my being negative towards current management I'm doing more harm rather than good.  Well, I'm not sure what dkolish would rather I do, be honest about how I feel of our current situation, or lie for the better of something more important and material?


Things are definitely not right in my opinion.  Posters like cobalthead seem to think that remanding timelines is fine, but I don't.  We were both at the Toronto Conference and he knows exactly what Callaghan promised, and how those promises have now been broken.


Pouring gold in late October/early November has now been pushed forward to sometime in January.  Just not tolerable in my opinion.


Our AGM was approved for postponement Sept. 7 and not relayed to investors at the Toronto Conference Sept. 27, and not revealed until Rex Harbour's petition was brought to light 3 months later.  Just not tolerable in my opinion.


43-101 report has not been compliant for 5 months now and there is no real timeline which investors can rely on because, well why should we believe them?  Have they proven to be reliable and trustworthy?  Again, not tolerable in my opinion.


chillyballs asked what should we as investors do?  Well, IMO we should wait for Jan. 7 and hope that Harbour is successful in getting us investors an AGM and SGM.  It's not just a privilege but it is our right as shareholders to be able to have some say in how OUR COMPANY is being run.


If shareholders believe Callaghan is the right person for the job, then vote against Harbour, if not vote for Harbour.  It's the dilution I'm worried about, but I don't think Harbour is a stupid man.  He must by now realize that investors are worried about dilution, and if he doesn't do something about that in the SGM, he may just lose his petition.


IMO, I believe Harbour is doing the right thing, not just because he's a shareholder, but because he has a lot to lose if current management keeps doing what it has been doing.  I don't think Harbour is trying to take over BGM as much as he's trying to save his 7 million shares he has invested. 


Last thing I would want if I had 7 million shares is to have the company drown in secured debt and remain in a CTO with no production.  This company in Callaghan's hands has consolidated a couple times before, and IMO it can and most likely will again if he stays on. 


History always seem to repeat itself.  atb