There are several frequent bashers on our Board and there have probably been a couple dozen since the announcement in June.  I think several longs are also out of patience and slightly panicked, however, at this stage it only really makes sense to bash Frank for Rex's benefit. Many would like new management but to post continuously each day and every day is often a tactic used to beat investors for cheap shares.  Maybe there is a lot of value seen here and a lot of big money still wants in for cheap?  Bashers are here for a reason!


I'm in a concerned stage because of lack of transparency with BGM.  There was a series of news releases in a short period of time but considering the news we all await, BGM has not given us much for news to make us sleep easier at night!  Why not state in an NR the report is a month away from completion or provide a slight update on what has been completed.  I know Snowden is currently responsible but BGM has the information.  A consultant has to do what the client requests and that means BGM is the boss.  Give us some information here!


i want something from BGM to thank longs for the continued, and now , forced supprt!  Frank has been more talk than walk in the last few months and that worries investors.  Bashers will continue to stress longs in this kind of environment.  BGM needs to counter with something positive and transparent!