ChillyB, I think many of us are questioning halcro and his sudden appearance on this board at the same time the Harbour groups lawsuit was announced.  As someone else pointed out, halcro made a total of 10 S/H  posts throughout the first 11 months of 2012 , non of them on this board, since his first post here, on 12/06/12 he has made over a 100 of them only on this BGM board.  Virtually all of them are anti-frank, he seems to know quite a bit about BGM and seems to have a full time job making 3-4 mostly all anti-frank posts a day.  Most of them have been typical of his first post, which is pasted below.  Halcro, what is the deal here, since you said you own no shares, and suddenly show up here becoming the top poster, what is motivating you to spend so much time on this one board?  At least give disclousure, I disclose I am long BGM, what is your motive other than anti-frank?

halcro's first post on BGM board on 12/06/12................................

"You gotta be kidding.ask yourself how much Frank has raised through IWA one through 4 past 20 years and how much he has been paid in salaries and other expeses through his drilling companies.My guess you retract your thoughts"


During its 16-year existence, the newly renamed International Wayside Gold Mines (it’s now called Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd...BGM) has consolidated its capital twice, with 154,201,700 IWA shares becoming 15,420,170 WGM shares, 103,795,060 WGM shares becoming 10,379,506 WYG shares and, by way of a renaming, 38,324,484 WYG shares becoming 38,324,484 BGM shares.

Prerollback, new-issue BGM/WYG shares equal 4,774,300,000 old IWA shares, new-issue WYG/WGM shares equal 1,037,965,000 old IWA shares, and new-issue WGM/IWA shares equal 154,201,700 IWA shares.

That’s a total of 5,966,466,700 shares...and BGM’s latest financials show $26 million in properties and equipment. change from International Wayside Gold Mines (WYG, January 20, 2010, 38,324,484 shares issued) . 58,122,228 shares issued at August 31,2010 WYG...January 15, 2009, new symbol, 10,379,506 shares issued (rollback of WGM, 103,795,060 shares on a 1:10 basis). WGM...August 18, 2005, new symbol, 15,420,170 shares issued (rollback of IWA, 154,201,700 shares on a 1:10 basis) IWA..February 7, 1994, 260,000 shares outstanding