@2guys.... read it again ..... he is a loser like any other 'bully'   ... preying on weakness by misrepresenting facts. That is MY opinion.... I have always stood up to bullies and I always will. When you have no skin in  the game and you spend  all this time weaving a tale.... the motives must be questioned....

So.... 2guys.... I have asked you before...other than post after post cutting Frank to pieces.... what are you doing, what do you propose.... I do not have a plan until I see the 43-101.... at that point we will see if Frank is full of stuffing or not.... it will be much clearer ( but not clad) in what to do.

Speak up 2guys,,,,  what do we do!!!!!

If you have laid it out and I have missed it... my apologies!!!!!! Perhaps a re-visit would be good in that case.