I just finished reading some of the posts, and I have to say, I really do hate bashers and pumpers, but what does resorting to name calling accomplish? 


So here we have it, calling halcro a loser for posting some insight, whether it be factual or his opinion.


Thing is, why is he a loser for doing so?  Because he doesn't own shares?  Maybe, but does that make him a loser?


Personally, I'm beginning to feel that us investors are, or may be the losers in the end, only for the fact that we are sitting idly by just posting here, and not doing something productive to change the losing position we find ourselves in.


That's where IMO, Rex Harbour comes in.  He is currently in a loser position as we are, but at least he is trying to do something about it.


Is it beneficial for all of us that Rex Harbour raises funds in his suggested format?  No, that's just too much dilution, but in our current state, we need funds, and not the way current management is funding our company. 


This still is our company, but if things keep up the way they have, it won't be for much longer.  So who will be the losers in the end if we continue to sit idly by?  JMO