many of the BGM's long term holders!!  Back in July, these guys were like bum buddies, now, they're all turning on each other.  Back in July when I posted here and suggested that really '10 million ounces of contained gold' ??? Do you believe in Santa Claus and Leporachans then? It was these same dudes who bashed me day in and day out as if I had two heads!!

Well, my my my,, how the table have turned. You have Chillyballs fighting with 2 Guys and Bigbags fighting with all of you now.  Remember, at one time, you guys had Bigbags up on the high chair.  Very similar to how Golfeiti had Vette and Webclog on the same high chair over on the v.CUU bb.

So, really, 10 million ounces of contained gold?