dead money, worse the CTO stops all dealing 'except' loans.

Looks like Frank has a 'good fight on his hands' with some seasoned and savy Business types.

Nota Bene :  Rex Harbour, who owns 7.1 million Barkerville shares and that " Mr. Harbour also claims that a group of investors, which includes former Placer Dome Inc. president Peter Tomsett, is prepared to recapitalize the company" for " 25 million and 50 million units, at $1. Mr. Tomsett, who the petition describes as a "senior mining executive with the necessary experience," would be entitled to acquire up to 40 million units"


Be advised, as Frank finally has idea's about what he has, and validated by the above Gentlemen arriving in a timely fashion...says it all does it not. Let the chips fall where they may.

However, the fight has started for the 'implicit' value. Frank has a tough fight on his hands.

Great Great Great Hunting ...with forced patience and dead capital