I once again talked with IR today.As they seldom keep us informed on the website -  they will sometimes give a little tidbit over the phone.The Bad News is that it will probably be another 5 - 6 weeks before the 43-101 comes out.I believe the main reason given for the delay was the incorporation of new "old" drill holes.And the fact that this 43-101 will have to have no room for error.

On the Good News side the mill apparently was started up.A belt broke & replacement one is coming from Prince George.Expected approx. 2 weeks shutdown time.Said initial problems are to be expected when you buy a used mill.When questioned if any financing needed near term he stated  that FC is adamant not to dilute shares.They have started underground mining & moved the trucks over.Let's hope that when the belt is replaced that milling process can be ramped up quickly.Sounds like the  plans are to mine AND drill more to prove up even more resources.Still seem to be going with original numbers.It sure sounds like they are sure the goods are there.In NO hurry to sell to majors until the magnitude is proven.

I think 2013 will be a long year for the longs - but in the end well worth the wait.