I do not normally post on this forum, and probably won't again, as it just is not my style.

I do though, on occasion, drop in just to see the silliness of it all. I do like Halcro's position of late, and tend to agree with him.

I have followed FC's antics for the better part of 35 years, and have actually profitted from his efforts. I presently have a good position in BGM, and expect to profit once again from it. And it will matter little who leads it when it happens. At present we are close to a proper 43-101, which should put a lot of coin into our pockets.. The fact that Rex and friends are making an early run at us simply serves to assure our success. Whether he is good or bad matters little, as he has deep pockets, and wants us. That spells green to me.

But he is only the first one to come to the table, and as long as Frank can get the report out before someone, Rex or others, cuts his legs out from under him, we will prosper. Actually, even if it takes longer, so what?