There is nothing special about this situation 2guys, the problem is that you just don't know the regs.The BCSC can't just cease trade a company because they have a hunch something is up, but what they can do is ask for more information - which is exactly what they did. If you are going to announce one of the largest resources in recent history, you better have all the evidence you need to back that up. The BCSC asked BGM to provide supporting evidence and they could not, that's why BGM had to issue the news release telling people not to rely on the 10M ounces. The line by the company that the report was a draft and it was not fair to ask for it is pure spin. You don't throw out a random number and then write the report to fit.  They should have had all that in place prior to releasing the resource. To put this situation in grade school terms, you have to show all your work or the answer is wrong...plain and simple.