Bigbab, I agree with you regarding Ovis/GoldE.  I thought the same thing for a few days now and the timeline makes sense.  2guys is frustrated with management and is showing it.  We've been there.  Kinda like when we were all mad between last December to April of this year.  Ovis brought good points to the board but was brilliant at casting doubt on everything.  Always said he was interested in bgm potential but didn't own shares.  Anyone else around here remind you of that?  Lol. The fact of the matter is its all a tremendous waste of time.  The only advantage I see for bashers now is getting the knob shareholders to sell as soon as the CTO is lifted, pick up bgm at a discount and ride the wave until a buyout.  Bashers do not bash bad stocks and we have lots of them on this board.  Even Bloomfield dropped in again to voice his opinion last night.  The vultures are still circling!  I still like the bashers for the purpose of keeping me grounded.  Hoping some folks are right and news is forthcoming.  Cheers to its longs.