Good points bigbab.  The more I read what IR is telling investors, and how this plan to produce and get a compliant report, and the arm's length loan have all transpired, it seems like a mess, and people wonder why investors large and small, are being dissident. 


Just look at the story unfold.  It's great to have investors share what info they get, but they should also see how things just aren't as simple as they are being made out to believe. 


I emailed the BCSC to see if in fact a postponement was allowed and why.  Hopefully they'll get back to me on this. 


Here's what changed in 1 week.   BTW, FC told us here in Toronto that the assays would have a turnaround of 1 week from the new drilling.  That was months ago and still no news on results.  JMO




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I talked with IR this morning & found out the following:

1.BGM had approval this Fall to postpone the AGM till next May.

2.Rex [ the wonder dog ] & Associates were a NO Show at a court hearing this past Friday.

3.Mining is ongoing.No word if the mill did indeed open - but it is imminent.First bar to be poured probably 7-10 days after mill opens

4.Still hoping for Snowden report getting done before Xmas , but it is out of their hands.



Talked to IR Today




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Talked with Fraser at IR today.He states he was told that the Mill is scheduled to open Dec.6th , tomorrow.Bars to be poured soon after.

When questioned how soon a PP might be coming he said "bills are being paid , with money left over".No plans for an upcoming financing.I am assuming the poured bars will keep a future financing in check for now.

Snowden is still there , working on the 43-101.When questioned how soon it might be out he stated they "hoped " it will be completed this month.Said he didn't think it will take long for BCSC to approve once in.

I too hold a lot of shares here , and am keeping my concerns in check.I personally don't have a problem with Frank's loan to the company.I think it was done for expediency ,and to cut out all the red tape of an outside PP.He does after all own about 10% of the company & has 20 years invested.

People have to realize that things move slowly - 43-101s, starting up a mine , etc.Patience is a virtue that a lot of posters here don't have.Posters I looked forward to reading their posts 3- 4 months ago , are hardly worth reading nowadays.If you have a concern - state it and let it drop.