I talked with IR this morning & found out the following:

1.BGM had approval this Fall to postpone the AGM till next May.

2.Rex [ the wonder dog ] & Associates were a NO Show at a court hearing this past Friday.

3.Mining is ongoing.No word if the mill did indeed open  - but it is imminent.First bar to be poured probably 7-10 days after mill opens

4.Still hoping for Snowden report getting done before Xmas , but it is out of their hands.


1.Really MAY? are you telling us they applied for a postponement until May?  That would tell me they dont plan on trading until May as an AGM would be required.....  when did they apply?  why is this news released now? who approved this extension?


3.  gold will be poured ...7-10 days after whenever the mill opens ...thanks for that!   THE MILL  IS EITHER OPEN OR IT"S NOT  ...IT S A PRETTY CONCRETE FRICKIN ANSWER ...and IF your source doesnt know (which wouldnt surprise me as he works at IR prob.) then maybe PHONE SOMEONE AT THE MILL AND FIND OUT


4. How about find out what the company plans to do on the "off-chance" snowdens report comes in between 3-7M ozs ......will it be compliant?  or does it have to match PG's resource report ....will they have to do another technical report or can they work with PG....   I mean what exactly are they doing

1) auditing ?

2) co authoring ?

3) doing there own?

4) collaborating?

5) who's work is going to get re-submitted PG's or Snowdens?

6) helping? 


FOr the love of god I hope Snowden can release whatever it is they are doing by week's end.....after all Friday will mark "mid -December"