okana...If #1 and #2 points are true, it should be a big relief to all.  At this point, one thing is clear, almost all are against any takeover and that we have a pretty large number of shares to pledge.  I would like to make a suggestion, since the guys in I/R only know what they are told by the board, I suggest we come up with a series of questions, we would like answered directly by FRANK...then have one person call saying they represent this group of United Little Guys who have millions of shares to vote.   First thing I would want to know, is why is there not a shareholders rights plan in place already?  Also, Status of the Mintek resource report on B/L, if complete, would it make sense to release it prior to the CM report?  If it significantly added oz., then that could go a long way of limiting the downside risk regardless of the CM report and make us all feel better. I know there are many other questions that need to be answered, some may have to be through a press release. I know people at BGM monitor this board, so they would know in advance that if someone called asking for Frank that they have the support of millions of shares of the overlooked little retail investor.  Just a thought.