Mailman.... I understand that the property has lots of drill holes, but has anyone of you looked at the location of holes relative to the resource?  Has anyone looked at how deep they are... Do all these holes intersect the proposed resource?  I am not bashing, I am just pointing out things you need to be aware of when interpreting the idea of what this resource is.  I love the PGM story, but we are talking about some unreal, very close to surface grades.  Everyone should also be very aware, Large oz deposits don't always mean huge value.  It takes a PEA to start getting a handle on it.  For instance, Newmont has a huge deposit in NV called "Mike", it is within 2 miles of its largest operation (Gold Quarry), I think it is now over 20,000,000 Oz equiv.  Yet not being mined yet.  I think Osisko is going to run into some huge issues too... just watch it unfold.  I am not saying Cow mtn is not a great resource.... What I am saying is that you need to understand all the parameters of what the total value could be.  FWIW, I think the numbers for purchased companies with significant resources for the year so far range between $24 and $220 per oz in the ground.  I think PGM is trading at such a great price is in part to the open ended deposit as drilled out so far.  Just my opinion.  If you want to put a value on Cow mtn, compare it's oz's of gold to waste, the type of ore, etc.  Just trying to keep it real.