I agee a lot of what you say Gold E.    I will say this much though.   I dont know of very many companies if any that have had as many drill holes as Barkerville has.   They have drilled their property like no other company has and to top it off it only 10% of their total property.   So I dont think the GoldQuest comparison works.  I like to use the T.PVG Pretium comparison.   Snowden did their report.   10 million ounce deposit too but in the middle of nowhere BC(safe mining durisdiction) but with no infrastructure and its trading between $13-$14.

I too believe there will be other offers.   Newmont has been quiet.   Osisko I heard checked out their property.   Goldcorp was mentioned so there are good sized companies that might be ready to step up. 

Will a company make another bid before trading starts is my question.   If a positive 43-101 comes out and is approved we could see the real fireworks start then.