Big.. You get it.  Besides having a NO vote, the company and the shareholders need to have a plan.  No doubt, some sort of Financing will need to be arranged, but letting any group come in and get that much control would be a bad thing.  Obviously they only care about the group they have put together, not those invested.  Many don't want to hear it, but the probability of the resource comming in or better than the recent 43-101 is really quite low IMO.  I only base that on what I have read within the report and the comments of others whom I respect  ( yes, Hennigh, Kirkham among others.)  The sad thing is, I expect the numbers to still be decent and have upside, BUT what do all of you think the market will do if it comes in even a bit lower... look at how the market treats juniors right now.  For instance, look at Gold Quest.... They turned in a world class drill hole (amazing actually), the stock ran on the news.  The next drill holes werre nowhere as good as the ripper, but what I would still consider world class.. The stock fell in half, even with decent drill holes.  WHAT, I am saying to all of you now, is just be ready for a lower price, DON't sell out, hold on and do minimal financing to move the project forward.  Do the drilling needed to put together the asset that this probably is.  I think the REX group will try and run again at this.  Seems they are probably getting close to full disclosure as to what intent is even with current holding.  There are multiple other people that can come onto this company besides REX group, that won't kill the current investors.  Hold on and have a plan.