I am not a shareholder of BGM. Very close to getting in before the CTO but I was baffled by the incredible resource estimates outlined by management (through Geologist PG) and the fallout that followed.

Management Credibility!!!!!!

Estimates based on drilling to date (credible!!!!!) How could management possibly make such claims?

No confirmation through second (multiple) opinions from additional reputable (respected) geologistics given the extent of resource estimate disclosure.

Risk a major public rebuttal of claims from industry mining experts.

Risk a CTO with such a major new release of questionable disclosure!!!!!!!!

Missing something here? Is there another reason for making such a disclosure???? One that does not include the interests of the common shareholder!!

Now a CTO of over four months and counting!!!!

A dissident trying to rally a takeover with PP that would generate a very sizable ownership by a small group.

It seems, the current SHAREHOLDER is getting shafted whichever way one looks at the outcome.

Also, a concern is the credibility to the industry (exploration mining) with this mess and ..... in Canada!!!!!


Possibly a very sizable resource (after a full and proper assessment ) but the handling of this is incredible.

Maybe misinformed on all the details ........................     but totally perplexing!!!!