That was an interesting post RedHorizon.


What makes you believe that the drilling by the CEO's drilling company was the most effective and efficient way to go?  That's all speculation, and seeing that there wasn't enough data to come up with an acceptable 43-101 report by BCSC proves that something was missed, either by PG or the data aquired from the drilling IMO.


Can you prove that the drilling was efficient and effective because the CEO was drilling his own property using his own drilling company as you say? 


All I'm going by is the news release that the CEO was compensated directly and indirectly $7 million in the past 18 months.  That is a considerable sum for a non-producer which is now under a CTO for not filing a proper 43-101 resource report don't you think?


How exactly do the facts I've posted sound in any way misleading RedHorizon.  You're assuming that the money was spent effectively and efficiently and you have the right to assume that.  The purchases make sense, but with all that money, BGM suddenly finds itself without money. 


Go ahead and explain how having so much money in the past 18 months or so, that now the company needed an arm's length loan from the CEO just to stay afloat. 


Actually, seeing that there were investors willing to finance the company for shares, makes the rush to leverage all our assets for an arm's length loan seem quite unnecessary IMO.  Of course you can think what you like, but these are the facts.  I'm not making anything up.  atb