Mallman ,I would agree with your assessment of the situation...however sometimes people have a distorted view on reality, and sometimes will wait to the very last second to do what should have been done long ago. And sometimes people always think they can make it work, or find a way, or right the course..... only concern with your comments is that you are waiting and relying for someone else's common sense to kick in..I would rather lobby or impose it.   


Anyhow I have accepted that this will work out one way or another for me, I have lobbied hard ....and frankly a bit tired ,   am stunned we are at the point we are.  I would almost label it an abusive relationship where the spouse keeps coming back for will be real interesting to see what happens IF this CTO gets extended ,or there is a hiccup with Snowden , or the resource comes back at 3M ounces.....god knows we all want the 10.6M ,as that would be the easiest ,most painfree route outta here.   I guess no other capable professional would be able to enter negotioation and relay any offer publicly to all shareholders -and then suggest acceptance or denial , and then hold a vote.....after all it would be the shareholders ratifying any deal

10M ounces we will get more value per share either selling or operating

5M ounces we will get more value per share either sellingor operating

3M ounces we will get more value per share (oh wait ;we migh/probably  lose half the company) 


anyways even though I like the guy and think he has done some great things, I will continue to lobby and in the process upset the relatives,associates, friends, workers who have an interest tied up with status quo....most of whom lobby the bullboards ,much like myself.....


and BTW , IF they wanted to "steal" the company they coud have easily initiated proceedings a month or two ago ...and we could be facing a meeting/vote  this would still have been within there right. Might have been a little better timed than what probably is gonna happen and that is a vote a month or so from now AFTER the snowden results are maybe some of the "righteous" might want to get on the old "blower" and ring across the pond for some answers....and see If there is another way outta this mess...