Its of my  opinion that we will see results before any AGM takes place and I also believe that Frank is not stupid.   I wouldnt be one bit surprised if he isnt working on finding a replacement for himself as we speak if the shareholders had enough of him.   The fact is Frank wants to get this resource estimate out first and foremost and then let the market decide where the price of the stock should be as the CTO is lifted.  

Also remember Frank owns 7 Million shares in this company.   If it meant that Frank needed to step down to place a very well known guy in charge I am sure Frank would do so.    Ultimately Frank's investments in BGM would go up simply by stepping aside if the shareholders dont want him anymore.     Frank is no dummy he will do whats best for the company as he wins too!  

With this being said Frank is not going to deal with the Devil and be forced into a deal by a bunch of Vultures such as Rex Harbour which is a HUGE DETRIMENT to all shareholders Frank included.    So let the games begin folks.    This is just the first bid.   I am sure there will be plenty more to come.