If not in original deal, they more than likely would offer their new board and their management team options and warrants as part of their package and continue to award options and warrants gaining so much control they do anything they want, even taking company private.  I see nothing positive for the small retail investor here, we would get the usual little guy hose job.  Like others, I would like to know if any of the hostile group bought any shares from 6-15-12 to 6-28-12 just prior to the press release.  I hear it is rumored that one of the investment bankers with inside ties is siding with the hostile group and may even be the guy inside someone mention in the 100's of posts yesterday.  Does anyone have access to how many shares traded in last half of June?  Remember share price went from .41 to close to .80 in 2 weeks with nothing but bad news prior to the big news release and may be part of reason FC had to come out with a premature news release.  Heck, he could have been set up as he will still have to address that issue.