Great Post bigbab, I nominate you for best poster of the week.  There is more posting on this board with a CTO than most active boards.  2guys has been long a long on this board and is not a basher.  I think a shareholder can voice legit concerns without being labeled a basher and I am sure most of us have some on this long drawn out process. Someone said earlier that many seemed frustrated and that applies to me.  I think an update would be nice and it appears that all funds borrowed have been alloted but see nothing earmarked for mine production.  I would like to hear in an update, how they plan to start up production in the Q/R this month?  I would guess actual costs of mining on a start up mine/mill would be close to 50% or $850 oz ballpark.  So to get that first 400 oz bar would cost around $340,000 plus I am sure some start up costs.  In an update, it would also be nice to hear if they are going to be able to waive the $4.5 mil fee that was going to be necessary at the Q/R if certain updates were not approved by BC officials this would be nice to know the status of that.      just my .02 cents