I have broken my word of staying off this board. Someone brought to my attention that some writers here are increasing the bashing of  the company and it's management. For all long tern investors we have a good thing going here with BGM. We are days away from Snowdens audited 43-101. Why would anyone want all of you to write the BCSC or the TSX to complain unless they have an ulterior motive. What could that motive be?  There is a lot of money at stake here if the audit goes in our favour and supports PG's report within reason. So why rock the boat unless the bashers have a monetary interest to do so? It's my wish and suggestion that all longs put these unhappy souls on ignore until the truth is known. The primary reason for bashing is to insert doubt in the mind of the investor. It is an insidious act and there is always a motive. That motive is not always in your best interest. Best wishes to all longs.