I agree with your point one as I am also a shareholder who is now long by  default and I too believe the 43-101 is taking way too long given promises made.

Agree with 2 also - there are odd circumstances but loans will always benefit lender... this one goes awfully far though.

I agree with three as well but because of your going on and on without any real fact you are perceived as whining.

On your 4th point... I know mortgages inside and out hence the reference but am not an expert on corporate financing thus I ask for expertise to chime in.

5...Of course the company will be positive on everything... thats what corporation do and I dislike that.. the truth shall set you free.... this is hardly an arms length  loan when the $$'S are coming from the CEO... a  duck is a duck  hence the concern.

6....the company will likely be non-responsive in the answers but at least they know we have our eyes wide open so keep it above board... should contact just to register your voice on the matter.

7...ask them why not a PP or some other vehicle

8... have already sent concerns to BSCS and TmX but did so through website info email addresses.... do you have more specific addresses

Finally.. I think we are on the same page philosophically... we are at odds tactically....