Thanks for the reply 2guys.... more empty air and nothingness.... I don't believe you have anything. I have taken the action I know to  take..not sure it is enough but am not whiining on the board. Timee to stp heeding what yo have to say on te loan as you have nothing but noise.

PS... rating my post a 1 is a lot like everything else you have done lately....more dead air and who cares.. someone stated it best yesterday, you have become incredibly negative  toward BGM ... it would behoove you to rally people behind your charge as masses make a difference. You will need to share facts to do so though so  won't hold my breath.

PPS...  I will be the first one to rate this a 1 for you.... although I see my earlier post is now up to a 2 so someone else agrees....

TaTa for now!!!