The fact that this QUICK loan is not yet approved tells us something and no one can disagree that is seems to be too little too late.  I saw a post by someone yesterday about it costing several hundred per ounce to produce gold and there is no money to pay that & pay all the other normal bills and 3 consulting firms the construction company doing the work on the dam the drilling companies the labs and so on.  Many larger companies have mines in high risk areas and running out of resources, plus they are hesitant to rush into any expensive buyout as many have not panned out.  I would think a number would be prospects.  Also there are some companies in BC not too far away, one company and I forget the name has a mine near Prince George and a 2nd mine west of Quesnel and is still in pre production state.  it may be Imperial Resources who is in area or another.  Besides the gold in the Ground, BGM has two mills,< any larger miner near the Revelstoke mill?> and two already permitted mines and an agreement with the First Nations tribes in the area, which is becoming hard to get and a major problem in other areas.  What BGM does not have is cash and that is a major issue right now.  Maybe the Frank loan for such a small amount and tying everything up is telling us something, along with retaining one of the most reputable consulting firms in the world.  I am hoping something is in the works and the Frank loan is only needed to tie up loose ends as it sure is not enough to bring this all together but it may be just enough to pay back bills. He could already be paying these bills out of pocket and the loan is only to repay him and the 6 months term at 20% might also be telling us something.  Just hoping.