I am not sure what your motive is but you continue to ignore the facts and continue to post garbage.  Whether you are Ovis who whoever using another alias but your tactic is the same.  First you inform investors that the resource is 10% - 15% of the total Peter George number.....that is 1 mill if you take the 10mill number???Think again one again?

Company puts out information that Snowden willing to use historical data.  You go on and on with your posts without putting any thought into them at all.  Anything anyone says you want to turn it around into something else.  You continue to say that the historical data is garbage....think again....if you can.

Companies plan their future drilling based on historical information.  If you historical data was garbage, do you think BGM would have spent millions on drilling into nothing?  A lot of time historical data can't be used until validated or some holes twinned.  Peter George probably did not use it because the resource estimate was already severly late and he could not verify by future twinning holes, etc.

If you can't see the whole picture at once...think on one thing.  If historical data showed very poor drill results - there would be no company that would continue to drill the way BGM did.  If you did not look at the BGM 2011, and prev. year drill results - every hole they hit had spectacular numbers.

Don't just wait there and respond to every post OVIS (ie. 2 seconds after someone posts) - think a bit!