Hey GE, if you use the other side of your brain you may be able to provide us something valid.  Do you realize a few things

  1. Who is providing this voluntary update? It is Barkerville Gold Mines
  2. The company is in CTO mode so it does not have any effect on trading

It seems like the company voluntarily puts in their update that Snowden wants to include historical data in their update or audit.  Do you think the company would voluntarily provide an update to include this if they thought it would have a negative effect.    Snowden can request whatever info they want but the company does not have to tell the world.  Think about it for a second.  Don't start posting garbage without thinking it thru.....if I remember correctly it was you also who posted that Peter George estimate may come in at 10 to 15 percent of the original total.  All I have to say to you is "give your head a shake" and maybe the other side may start working if you are lucky..