100% agreement with your comments.  BGM are not good planners.  They do things last minute and are often quick to talk the talk but slow on delivering.  A pp should have been completed but when is the question?  The stock had tanked to .35 and was on the decline for months.  I certainly did not want to see a pp at that point in time.  When the stock finally started to gain momentum the June 28, 2012 news release occurred and a cto followed shortly thereafter.  Maybe BGM thought everything was A-ok and the 43-101 was going to be approved?  Similarly, last year (December) BGM did a pp at a buck then amended it to .85 after the stock dipped into the .70's.  Shareholders did not like that decision either.  Going back a little farther...BGM were supposed to have permits in hand almost a year earlier for production at BL but have we produced anything lately?  We are on the same page, however, I could care less about the loan situation.  Just start production already!