no idea bigbad when it comes to money anything is possible. why would such a hugh amount of collateral be required if management is so confident in the gold resource. It's just got me thinking. I tend to look at and prepare myself for the worst case, I've spent 30 some odd years in the oil and gas industry, bust or boom the only way to survive is to prepare for the worst case, some might think a bad habit or in there terms a basher. But not so. I invested in bgm once and may invest again, just have to see how this all plays out.


2 mil ozs min. times 20.00/oz sold in the blink of an eye at that price equals 40 million dollars MMMMMMMMMMM I'd truly like to think thats not the game but not sure 40 million is alot of money. When it comes to money I trust very few especially when its my money. Well time for bed just got home from work.