This was posted on Yahoo..:) funny what gets passed around from board to board.

.Already happening is stockpiling pay-rock at QR Mill, part of a 10,000 oz/Au defined body easily mined, close to the mill. At 400 oz/week, MINIMUM OUTPUT (confirmed with mgt.), production of bars from this low-grade ore takes 6 months = $17,500,000 gross take.... but, if mill gets tweaked sufficiently, 600/800 ozs. a week is possible! After the QR ore is handled, it's a simple task to haul the Bonanza Ledge and Cow Mountain 1/3rd to 3/4s oz/Au/T ore to QR Mill for what will be a terrific cash flow demonstration and totally deflate these many nay~sayers who believe, as shorts they are, that this "penny dreadful" is going into the toilet! We won't be waiting long!