its comming as BGM is by now a producer!


the FC can bring all down as cheap as possible, so that he can pay all at least out of the cashflow we would be "independend" and can avoid dillution.

I dont mind, if he now proves under a CTO that the production will be positive.

a producer and an N43 approved by at least 2 parties and under a BSCS monitor...  this means the ounces shown will be much more worth than in case of else... probably lots more than 200 an ounce in ground (permissions are much mor foreseeable, contracters are availablem, infrastructure wokrs => all true and just there)!

this valley opf kings makes me love. if it is as it sounds It will first snow in hell before a government will allow to do mining in a tourist area of life existance!   anyway, I am long BGM and all is good and possibly the CTO is indeed the best which could happen to us very smal investors...

good luck FC and good luck too all longs. the gold train is transporting in barkerville area again gold dores from BGM!

that is what I assume happened ... at least is ongoing ... some pics with the first dore would be nice...