>>because Frank's company drilled many holes, Snowden may have wanted to retest a sampling of these holes to rule out the possibility of foul play<<

An interesting theory..... the results from the twinned holes would certainly provide an evidence based answer to such speculation, either disproving or raising additional questions. Yet, in a narrow vein nuggety deposit, I expect a comparable intercept would validate but a negative result would still leave uncertainty -- the original hole hit the sweet stuff and the twinned missed by a few meters and got ugats. Or putting it another way, the original drillers were lucky while the drillers of the twinned hole were unlucky. What to believe?


I for one am certainly looking forward to seeing the assay results and even more importantly to reading the revised technical report to see why some holes were twinned. Interesting times ahead. Maybe this will be assay results week coming up... eh :)