Well Red, you are probably a bit optimistic IMO but that is understandable since you are one of the longs :)


Seriously though, I believe a lot hinges on the results from the twinned holes. I say that because Snowden must have had a reason to ask for holes to be twinned. Snowden was no doubt trying to confirm or disprove some geological interpretation of the deposit. If the holes didn't met expectation then I would expect the number of ounces to drop significantly. Of course the holes could also introduce more uncertainty by showing new mineralized intercepts that weren't seen in other holes. But since there are only a small number, I doubt that would tilt the needle up much.


Given that back on Nov5/12 the company said...

Chief Geologist, Jim Yin PhD., P.Geo., the Qualified Person as required under NI 43-101, reports that all twin drill holes totaling 2,759.4 meters (9,053.1 feet) on Cow Mountain at the Cariboo Gold Project near Wells, in central B.C., drilled between September 22 and October 14, 2012, requested by Snowden, have been logged, photographed and density measured. Three saws are cutting core and it is expected work will be completed this week. Cut core is shipped every day for assay. Data base building of lithology, pending assays, recovery/RQD, standards/blanks and surveys of all the twin drill holes, including channel samples of 2012 trenching on Cow Mountain is underway. Assay results of these drill holes and trench results will be released as soon as they are available.


I wonder what interpretation one should take from the fact that here it is 3 weeks later and still no news. Chillyballs feels it could be something he said... ".. (I'd like to think they are holding back based on my suggestion...)...  Now that is a scare though is it.... imagine BGM management making decisions on inputs from Chillyballs -- no offense Chilly but really, I'd expect Frank to have a plan in hand and be working the plan and not grasping at random suggestions.


Maybe the intercepts are stunningly great, many meters of 80 g/t gold at depth and the delays are all part of negotiations with Newmont? Remember the old rumors of Newmont being in town? Well, 10M oz would move the Newmont needle so who knows maybe that is what is happening.


Hope everyone has their Cuba tickets booked. Could be quite the rush when the news hits in 2013....