Cobalthead, Lets exchange price estimates once we get the announcment that the CTO has been lifted and trading will resume on yyyy-mm-dd.  Without this news event, nothing else matters. And when the CTO is available the available information will be the available information. I expect we will at least have Snowden blessed numbers -- ounces and grade available. 


Should be very interesting once the CTO is lifting and if PG was right about the numbers then it could be extremely profitable, even for late comers such as myself -- I am not short BGM and would never ever short a company like BGM, except maybe if I had warrants to backup my short. However, my earlier suggestion of a strategy of shorting a stock to lock in a profit on an in the money warrant would have transitioned into a naked short as a result of the CTO. Nasty risk with that strategy. I wonder if that happened to anyone?