cobalthead, although you have no reason to trust anyone posting on stockhouse, but if you are looking for a few long term plays then I highly recommend:

1. Sandstorm Gold -- I particularily like, SSL.WT, $3 warrants (you need 5 of these plus $3 to get a share of SSL post consolidation). These warrants are good until 2014 and can be purchased at close to zero time premium. Ok. they are deep in the money but still a bit of leverage for free (I estimate the fair time premium would be 25 cents), is very nice. I love the Sandstorm gold stream model. YoY gold ounces delivered are growing nicely. Delivery costs are fixed, typically around $400 per ounce. And the company has its ounces from multiple sources giving some diversity. Starting today SSL trades on the TSX and also trades in New York as SAND. SSL.WT is trading at roughly $1.84 today.

2. Allied Nevada -- this company is most of the way through expanding their production in Nevada. Expect growing YoY production, expect stable share counts (low dilution), and expect project delivery on schedule (or ahead) and under budget. The managemnet at ANV is very precise and detailed. I love these guys. Sure they've had some minor problems this year with production (CIL stacks) but that is behind them. Theya re getting permits ahead of time. They are getting equipment delivery ahead of schedule. And they are sitting on maybe 100 years of resource at current production levels, all in Nevada. ANV is trading at roughty $33 today and an excellent long term hold.


I don't post much or watch SSL or ANV since they are slam dunks good buys long term. I am invested in these stocks with SSL as my major holding. BGM I'm watching, because if it really has 10M oz, even if it is just inferred, then this will be an amazing play -- I only noticed BGM after the June 28th press release. Before that they weren't on my radar.


I'm not familar with canaco.