Dosco - let me break this intersection down so you can see how deceptive it really is:

  • Reported interval from 58.8m to 121.1m of 14.2 g/t Au over 62.3m
  • Take out the 0.9m grading 858.1 g/t Au and you are left with 1.83 g/t Au over 61.4. This is a classic example of grade smearing - material averaging 1.8 g/t has had an extra 12 g/t Au added due to a single short assay interval being averaged in.
  • More importantly if you back out the 34.7 m  sub-interval from 70.3 - 105.1m grading 25.2 grams (still has the 858.1 g/t asay), you are left with 27.6m (44% of the original interval) grading only 0.37g/t Au. Further if you look at where this 27.6 m is 11.6 m is at the start and the other 15 metres is at the end of the 62.3 m. Is is highly doubtful to me that this would be considered minerable.