"Actually, they can Dosco, that's the whole point. Take the drill results announced on Dec. 12, 2011: 63m @ 14g/t, including 0.9 m @ 858 g/t. If you take out the single high grade sample, you're left with 61 m of low grade material..."

a) low is still lots over 60 meters. its not zero, so what is low? at least and that is what I say, its NOT CALCULATED as zero as lots of bears want us to believe.

b) these are the exceptional results yes! but others confirm that there are lots of these vains. so it is for sure as well incorrect to assume the low is so low that you cant count or that there is just 1 vain per block. and therefore this one has to be cut down to zero.

=> you just cant calculate the results away! you can reduce them. but they drilles lots of meters. and if they have open pit with only 5g a tone (so not there 6 million onces with 15g) then there is still a monster...

and that is a worst case!!! so you just cant say, COW is not full of gold.

o man, I am keen to see snowdens opinion. its here not just that we are invested and hoping the best.

its as well, and thats the reason why so many are looking into it, how the sector has to deal with n43/bscs/geos and style-of-goldmineralisation and even the usage of software.


BGM is a "case" ...

at the end, good luck to all longs! there is more than nothing, dont get panicked!