I talked to I. R. soon after the CTO and asked about the other resource reports and was told there was one, I do not think there are 2 resource reports but several feasibility 43-101 reports being done after the resources are established.  I understood that Mintek had one resource report on Bonanza Ledge and BC Vein drilling (but it could be one on each area) and was about ready but at that time they thought it best to hold it until the Cow Mountain report was approved and CTO lifted.  There is no question there is going to be an issue of the 10.6 million in the news release being an issue even after the Cow Mountain report is approved unless the Cow Mountain report shows 10.6 million oz and like most others I do not think that will happen.  Don't we also have to deal with the issue of being reinstated?   I recall seeing a lot of extra things being posted that have to be done now that it has lasted more than 90 days.