Gneissrocks, that is my concern as well.  I think there will be a significant reduction and my thought process is similar to Ovis (sorry longs) in that there could be many repercussions to having a significant reduction.  Could it extend the CTO, is there potential for lawsuits based on the number of people who bought in on the initial resource estimate, will the BCSC be able to penalize BGM based on a big descrepancy? 


Positive note...even if Cow is disappointing we have 2 other 43-101's to boost the resource.  I still think there is potential to have 5 million + ounces in total after all is said and done.  If there is more, I'm happy with that too.  Just think people who are convinced there are 10.6 million ounces of gold are going to be diappointed.


Question though...has anyone ever inquired what progress was made on the other 43-101's?  I remember a while back someone posted that there would be no news releases until the CTO is lifted.  Are they finished and waiting for submission or are we going to hear that they are incomplete and have several more months of waiting?  If there is potential for a buyout than I would think the other 43-101's are quite important.  Just a thought. 


Sorry for the negative overtones.  Cheers longs.