supserstar, that seems strange to me as well.


If you do the math using the fully diluted value of BGM shares owned by GGC and the fully diluted shares of GCC including the 9,000,000 soon to be added shares and warrants from the private equates to almost $3.00 share for BGM at .36/share of GCC.  You can buy LG with 1,000,000 shares of BGM for about .06, that is down from .145 in late July. You can also buy BGMZF on OTC for a $1.00 or less, it currently is showing at .85 in my US accounts and that is also down.  Any Canadian insider would know of the LG shares and any insider able to buy in US would know to buy BGMZF.  All I can think is someone other than an insider is buying or an insider knows the GCC optioned property in the lucrative Abitibi Greenstone Belt looks very promising, the area has produced something like 200 mil oz of Gold and FC's drilling company is owed $500,000 by GCC, so some drilling must have taken place.  Someone, I think tallestdude recently posted that FC had gold in his veins and did not see him leaving the mining business, maybe this is his next project after he sells BGM? He obviously likes historical mining sites....going back to an old adege, if you want to find new gold mines, look near the old gold mines