My Beleif is that Frank wanted the numbers quickly because the warrants were coming due and he wanted extra cash for the operations.   They all know about confidentiality so I can't see Peter George just offering BGM the numbers way ahead of time.  The report was no where near completion because the greatest need was to get the numbers out for the extra cash.  Frank's recent loan was required because they didn't get enough warrants excersized.  He knows the gold is there and was willing to put up the cash.  We shareholders are much better off with the warrants not excersized because there's less dillution!!! 

I am quite happy with the way things are proceeding.  We now have the transformers installed.  We just need approval that the tailings pond meets spec so we don't need the 4 million dollar deposit... then the gold will start pouring.  Frank knows there is gold in the ground so his 20% loan is quite safe.   I'm especially excited about the drill holes which will be incorporated into the Bonaza ledge Ni43-101 resource.  They were amazing and could do wonders for taht resource alone.

If you were to ask me if I would chose to be in this situation (CTO) or not have any BGM shares at all,  I would have to say I am 99% ecstatic about the potential share price when this thing trades again.  Get the numbers out PG and Snowden so that we can make some cash!!!

Special note:  Snowden is quite conservative with their resource estimates so if we are over 4 million ounces and the grade is over 2.5 gpt then it will be something to celebrate!  (Ovis, I expect you to jump all over this).