Tell yO_u what Bird-Brain (Ovis). The assay results from the 14 recent drill-holes including 9 twinned holes will not make a significant change in the true gold resource.

Don’t really know how the superpumpers (SPs) on this BB put up with the Bird-Brain lying garbage and never-ending half-cup-full-of-BS dirt. Go figure O_o???

Furthermore, well, good for Frankie (wtg) using his own dough ($2.44 Mil OZ loan) saving the day to keep the gold-bearing Stones Rolling for another 60-days or so while in CTO & ignored by S&P (no information).

Seems like a little bit more “time is on your side” for the SHs till Snowden enters their compliant number here _,0_0,o_O MilsOZ. Sleep well.