CNVCM/Kewl, Do you agree with my math valuing BGM at about $2.89 if using the BGM shares as the only GCC asset?  You know a 2nd thought is that GCC owes Frank's drilling company about a half million or so, I am able to buy BGMZF, so have not been doing much DD on GCC.  I assume the drilling is being done on the GCC optioned property since the option requires them to spend $4.5 mil over 5 years in exploration costs, has any results of the drilling on the optioned property been released?  The property they have is apparently in a potentially lucrative area.  I agree with Kewl and would think that if only buying for the shares of BGM that that LG and BGMZF would also be rising.  It appears that someone is valuing it for more than 2 mil shares of BGM.