Interestingly - Lions Gate - V.LG has an essentially unchanged mkt price. Lions Gate is another of Callaghan's companies (one which he put his RRSP contribution into) and it's primary asset is >1M shares of BGM.


So it can't just be the expectation that the SP is going higher or V.LG would be moving up concurrently.


Perhaps the funds being raised by GCC are going to result in GCC holding a bigger share position in BGM that it currently does -- ie: convertible loan debenture of some kind??


Could GCC lend money to Callaghan with a convertibility clause into X shares of BGM? Then Callaghan lends money to BGM via PTO with similiar convertibility clause? When CTO is lifted BGM pays back shares instead of cash and likewise Callaghan transfers shares vs cash into GCC.


If not something like this -- then why wouldn't V.LG be moving in tandem with V.GCC as both companies (basically) have only BGM shares as assets??????????