What's the deal here?  GCC is issuing about 10 mil shares and warrants on top of about 7 mil shares and warrants.  Isn't that diluting shares by more than half but the stock continues to rise?   When the $1.5 mil private placement deal is finalized, won't that will be over 17 mil shares of GCC fully diluted???????  If they still only own 2 mil shares of BGM after this, why the big increase in share price? To simplify, each share of GCC before the PP was worth about 2/7ths of a share of BGM.........after the PP, each share of GCC is worth 2/17th share of BGM!?!?  Am I right? If so, this is valuing BGM at about $2.89 isn't it?  If so, why is BGMZF trading today at .98 on OTC, talk about arbitrage?