Golden Caribou is up again another 17% today to .34 cents.    As many of you here already know GCC.H holds 2 million Barkerville Gold shares.  

GCC.H should be close to completed their financing which was done above the current market prices at that time.  

With GCC starting to move up you have to think a couple of things.

First:      This is a huge vote of confidence for Frank and for Barkerville as I am assuming money owed to Frank from GCC will get repaid back to him from this financing and you would only think that the financers already know this.

Second:   They are doing a financing in a terrible market and it looks as though it will be completed shortly.   If oversubscribed it even speaks louder volumes.


Lastly the market speaks and GCC is moving up so for all the nay sayers out there someone is believing this story.