Lar...buddy.... I have no issue with a different point of view but you don't have one... all you do spew what others have already said.... your post this morning was the first one that actually took a stab at material facts and points.... I don't agree with Ovis either but I do not dispute his point of view... the only issue I have with him or her is that it is always negative and 'NIT' picky..... but he/she can make sense and has put one or two good posts that even I aagree with

All you do is tell us how smart you are and how rich you are and how youare a kept man and that you have a huge business that requires 6 figure loans(including decimals)....and how many investments you have and how good you are at investing and that all you do is make money and that if you lose money you don't care(clearly a moronic perspective by the way)..... try adding some facts ....back up your bullship..... pal!!!