C.W...give your head a shake, trying to convince myself that I made the right move by closing my BGM position two days before CTO. Who in there right mind would want to get caught in a CTO??? Not me,  I know I made the right move.I have yet to lose a wink of sleep over BGM and a potential still exists to make more money on them when they trade again. If all things work out for BGM a few bucks on the up tick, if not maybe a few bucks on the bounce when shorts cover, then maybe a good entry point after that clears up, BGM maybe worth the risk then. As I've said before makes no difference to me which way this thing goes, I don't short stocks. For the sake of the decent longs I would prefer it moves up big time. One of my young employees ask me if he should invest in them before the CTO, I told him then something seems wrong with this picture, its a big risk, he stayed clear thank God

Yrral53... you sound so childish. Oh I'm sorry you disapprove. just reacting to one of your fellow longs that has a habit of dissssing people who see things differently that him.